Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Veg Out: Hamifgash

With a name like Hamifgash (Hebrew for meeting place), the kosher Israeli diner in Jeweler's Row is exactly where I'd take my business lunches if I had them. The 800 block of Sansom is more private than most in that area, and the restaurant is the kind of place where you can be a little loud if you want to, and if you manage to overstep the volume boundary, the gruff-but-goodhearted counterwoman will bark you down. Then she'll call you honey when you settle your bill.

Take-out is brisk, with delivery covering a four-block radius. Seats are mostly yours if you go for a late lunch. Come any earlier and you're getting that falafel to go. I've been rotating between the salads here. There's a salad bar with every pickled vegetable you could think up, or the Combination Salad, which is more than it sounds. The substantiative platter of assorted cold appetizers is bolstered by a stack of toasty pita. It's rounded out with babaganoush, matbukha, Turkish potato salad, and eggplant salad, filled with a center of delectable hummus. I dipped until my hand was tired. I couldn't think of a more refreshing lunch. The petite pistachio baklava, two to an order and sticky-sweet with syrup, will please the toughest of your clients.

Hamifgash, 811 Sansom St.


cmoore said...

Oh mannn, I used to live 1/2 a block down. I watched that awning go up for months, then they opened a week before I headed west. I have yet to find great middle eastern out here, but the burritos are like nothing Philly has ever dreamed of...

kdubz said...

ahhhh, yes. i'm trying to move out there and eat soyrizo burritos forever.