Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Veg Out: Kaffa Crossing

Things I've heard before:

"She's a vegetarian. Yes, a real one."

Thanks, pescetarians who insist that they're veg and confuse everyone. Seafood disturbs me the most, considering how true to form most of these selections remain when they are bought or cooked. It was something I never ate as an omnivore. It wasn't introduced to me as a child, except for the rare frozen fish stick or pizzeria-ordered shrimp platter.

So why do I want to eat vegetarian tuna? Is it because it holds that veggie-possible torch of interest? Is it the same reason why vegetarian crab was a must try, why vegan scrapple made its way into my fry pan? Could be. I'm pretty "sure, burrrrring it" these days.

All of which led me to Kaffa Crossing, parched and sandaled in the Little Ethiopian heartland of West Philadelphia. I felt like I was in a gang when I ordered "tofu wat?", garlicky, red-peppered tofu with injera bread. I also opted for the veggie tuna salad, an unattractive scoop of sunflower-walnut paste plopped on top of lemony greens. It didn't look so hot, and I poked at it until I decided it wasn't bad. Fishy-tasting, sure, which I am not adapted to. That Kaffa made a nutty spread mimic tuna is encouraging. If not for me, than for those who are ready to buck the pesce trend, or any V who misses the fishes. They also do a mini veggie tuna sandwich for $1.50.

So I stabbed at my salad, trying to decide which lesbian I wanted to date. The iced coffee is strong and capable here, and the mellow digs are ambient. I grabbed a vegan cookie to go, and maybe it was an off batch, but it was stale and didn't taste like anything. The chocolate chips could have been painted on. I'd go back to try the veggie Ethiopian dishes. If anything, I learned that the 64 Bus gets me there in minutes. Market-Frankford Line Wat.

Kaffa Crossing, 4423 Chestnut St

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Brother said...

tofu wat is great for hangovers too.

but I hate it there because it's always so hot in there. like a sauna.