Thursday, June 19, 2008

Veg Out: Santa Fe Burrito

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As a young veg, Santa Fe Burrito was one of the few places around where I could add tofu to a burrito.

Sad to say, it still is.

Not that it ever helps, because the best veggie burrito is always the basic super-bean-cheese-sour-cream-guac monstrosity and all of the fake meat in the world can't disprove that.

Santa Fe is still around, I'm still around, but I tend to frequent taquerias where English is the second language, where brain tacos co-exist with whatever I order. Pro-choice, America, pro-choice.

Yes, Santa Fe is a chain, and it's not by-the-book traditional, or even up there among the best. They're consistent, creative, cheap, and they deliver. If you don't mind a sloppy, wet burrito that skimps on cheese and has disproportionate ingredients, there you are.

The main reason I'd even recommend it is for the vegetarian menu, which boasts Veggie Burger, Faux Beef, Santa Fe Tofu, Totally Veggie, and Middle East burritos. Traditional kinds include Refried Beans & Cheese, Red Beans & Cheese, or Black Beans & Cheese. I also like that you can get a whole wheat tortilla and add steamed veggies to any of the burritos. It annoys me slightly that you can order a mini version of each burrito, that is 2/3 the size. I'd like to know why anyone would slight themselves from 1/3 of a burrito, a meager 100 calories or so and a buck price difference.

I wondered about this as I waited for my Black Beans & Cheese with tofu, sour cream, and guac to make itself. I even wondered about it as I actively searched for tofu in my 'ritto and detected a single piece. I wasn't done wondering as the burrito scent lingered in the air (like the sweet perfume of my Tex-Mex grandmother). Even a mini burrito, a half-ass burrito, a chain burrito, or a not-the-best-but-still-serviceable burrito is a precious thing.

Santa Fe Burrito, 212 S 11th Street

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cmoore said...

Oh yum. I miss those. I'm particularly fond of the faux beef, I must confess...