Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Burrito Diaries: The Southern Burrito

Maybe you're not a burrito purist.

Ain't no shame. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. Ain't no shame.

I think of Mexicali & Mexiphilly's sweet potato burrito as "The Southern Burrito". It starts out as the Burrito of the South with its nod to a southern crop staple, but I up its comfort food appeal by ordering mine with wilted spinach. The result is a nutritious orange and green powerhouse. A $4 one at that. Add sour cream and it slightly resembles an Irish flag. Perhaps the Irish Burrito is a more fitting name.

The 37th & Spruce Mexiphilly truck is a standout for burrito artistry in that they grill all of their wraps, which brings about an overstuffed yet slightly flat, quesadilla-like creation. Another sign that it's not your ordinary Mexican truck is its non-generic fare, ranging from the eggplant burrito with capers to the fried plantain burrito. No to forget the marinated tofu burrito. If you're in West Philly, do not mess around. This is burrito perspective.