Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Burrito Diaries

It's no mission to find burritos in South Philly, with the number of cheap, filling taqueria offerings that will always trump the trussed-up $12 burritos at higher-end Mexican kitchens. Placing a burrito on a fine plate belabors the point. However, putting American cheese slices on burritos is downright tragic. Whatever accolades Taqueria Veracruzana receives for outstanding burrito-craftsmanship are stripped away with every flaccid, unmelted Kraft single.

No mas, Veracruzana, no mas.

The vegetariano burrito is a carrier for rice and confettied iceberg lettuce, with a lone tomato and a ration of refried beans. It's filling, due to the hefty white tortilla, but ultimately, it has no flava, no soul.

Although, considering all of the other parts they specialize in, they might have soul.

Plaza Garibaldi is not much better, as they traffic in the KFC Bowl of Veggie Burritos, with a mash of vegetables that have no place inside of a tortilla, and their guacamole is a fright. I hear the rest of their food is excellent, and I absolutely love the diners that frequent it, men with real working hands who don't type all day. And at least they have real cheese.

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Allan Smithee said...

I know you will consider me a heretic but...

I've *always* liked the $1 taco bell bean/cheese burrito (two per visit plus a meat taco) and the frozen variety that you nuke.

Fine dining it ain't but I also enjoy good mexican food too when I have the cash.