Thursday, July 31, 2008

Factory Girl: Live at the North Port Fishington Cookie Factory

I'm sitting in Mike Landers' (North Port Fishington Cookie Factory) kitchen and we're chatting about, what else, vegan eats.

Faux Cheesesteak Junto:

Landers swears by the chicken cheesesteak at Govinda's and isn't impressed by the seitan steak at the Abbaye. That one happens to be my favorite but that's mostly because I order it with cheese. We concur that the GG Special from Gianna's is disgustingly fantastical. "Cheesesteaks should be gross, and I like that you can order a veggie sausage steak or some other weird topping," he says.

"It's not Cilentan mozzarella wrapped in myrtle leaves," adds Travel + Leisure magazine.

On His Blog:

Sugar Shack USA is where it all goes down, where flax makes cookies gooder and Falafel Tour '08 is an upcoming digestive assault on chickpeas. Life at the NPF Factory is a sport. Watch it happen.

Vegan Cookie Action:

Here is what they look like.

Here is how they taste.

After these grand makings, we take a guac break. The strapping vegan lads snap their fingers, wink at an heirloom tomato, and guacamole appears and is soon depleted.

Welcome to the bloghaus, bakers.


chris reber said...

can you buy port fishington cookies anywhere near port fishinton?

kdubz said...

Yes! Greensgrow Farm carries the cookies on Thursdays (2-7pm) and Saturdays (9-4pm). You can also buy tofu there and stock up on produce.

Go get 'em!