Sunday, July 13, 2008

Foodie Christmas In July

Name a cuisine and repeat after Michelle Tanner: you got it, dude.

New restaurants are dropping out of the sky in Philadelphia. How we will afford to feed at all of them is something the Great Restaurant Stork does not explain.

So why not Sketch, a Fishtown burger shack that encourages you to draw while you wait for your food? You order, they give you paper. And so it begins.

On a recent Girard Avenue stroll (my preferred route for visiting the Bloods) I noticed an eye-catching neon pink-and-yellow checkered storefront near DiPinto Guitars. I mean, how could I not? It's one of those cursed buildings that kills businesses. Someone should really sketch a map of Philly's unlucky spaces (2nd & South, 5th & Bainbridge, 1420 Locust, etc).

Sketch is supposedly under the thumb of Phyllis from Canvas Coffee across the street and will open on Monday, July 14 at 5pm. Canvas is excellent for vegans and coffee-sippers, as there is not much competition in the area. I've taken many a cup there. So I'm excited to see what this place will be like. Why should you go? Burgers are all hand-made, never frozen, and served on toasted rolls with your choice of sauce. That includes a veggie burger with soy cheese. Will it be Harissa aoili, chipotle wasabi, or thai chili peanut? Maybe this will be the one thing that you and the person who ordered the Kobe Burger can agree on.

An artful burger needs a shake. I can't draw, especially when I'm hungry, but give me paper and I'll go buck wild on it with beat poetry. The raspberry vegan shake sounds absolutely necessary for this kind of self-actualization.

I've been yammering on about opening a business on Girard for some time (filling whatever gaping holes in service that Fishtown suffers) but one thing has been taken care of. Casual Indian delivery (Tiffin requires too much planning ahead). This is Tiffin's former chef's new go. It also opens on the 14th, and will be veg-friendly. Lazor's got it covered with a dinner plate dome to keep it hot for you.

Sketch, 413 E Girard Ave.
Ekta, 250 E Girard Ave.

So this all leads me to question, what don't we have, food-wise? Here's a brainstorming list that I swiped from the desk of a restaurateur that I briefly entertained romantic notions with. Speak up in the comments if your gastro-needs are wanting.

pie shop (please do this so I don't have to)
a meadery
dinner train
Kenyan BYOB
cupcake shop (strictly cupcakes)
Polish dairy bar
a bouchon (specializing in Lyonnaise cuisine)
waffle house (Bonte doesn't count, I'm talking Americanized waffles served diner-style)


_diana said...

i'm workin' on the cupcake shop
it'll be a couple years at least, but i have plans!

lizrooney said...

I'm incredibly excited to try Phyllis' new creation! She got me hooked onto her concoctions at Canvas!