Friday, July 18, 2008

In The Kitchen W/ Kelly: Broken Oven Edition

The air machina has been good to me this morning. So much so that it felt appropriate to bake something. With the few berries remaining in my fridge, this strawberry muffin recipe came together in seconds. As I was inspecting the domes to see if they were ready, the handle on my stove broke off on one side. It wouldn't shut completely. Precious. Instead of screwing it back on, I hooked my leg behind the trash can and slid it over to prop up against the oven bar, allowing it to close. Handy. Leggy. Limbsical.

Strawberry Muffins W/ Broken Oven Topping

Look at my craggy little buddy up there. I made my batch vegan by using soy milk, Earth Balance, and a banana to sub for the egg, works every time. Mine turned out extra dome-y because I fill the tin all of the way instead of 2/3. They tasted like buttermilk and were not insanely sweet, with sufficient nook-and-cranniness. Next time I will layer berries on top, but I only had a few to work with so I ended up chopping them for the batter.

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