Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Veg Out: Ekta

Not every delivery house hooks you up with a free "chef's accompaniment of the day." That Ekta takes this extra step to please me? Swell, given the Indian take-out deficiency in our city. My saag paneer was bang on, and as tempted as I was to veer away from my standard fave, I did not have a menu in front of me. Nor did my dapper-suited delivery guy include one, although he was bearing a tie and a professional air. I'm still confused as to why this gent was not at a business meeting making profound decisions and instead, on a doorstep with a brown shopping bag packed with leaking chicken tikka for my broheem, my saag p, a near bucket of rice, and some aloo naan.

The next surprise was the chef's container of kheer (rice pudding). Very thoughtful.

It's nice to have accessible saag paneer. Even sweeter if the spice is right and the cheese cubes retain their firm texture and YES, the spinach has heft and is not a thinned-out mess. Ekta gets the classics even if they don't have to (their competition, Tiffin, is not a threat unless we all start to schedule our Indian fare like true fanatics). I keep going back to the naan, however, stuffed with potato and smeared with mango chutney, altogether righteous.

I almost forget about the pudding. Bro has been preparing his own ice creams and just today he let me sample his batch of cookie dough. He uses real cookie dough and I'm consistently impressed with his turn-outs. I did leave room for the rice pudding, which was a little on the soupy side, not as thick or heavy as the Western version, and much sweeter. It was a refreshing dessert.

An answer I'd like to secure for the vegans out there is whether Ekta uses ghee or not.

I can tell you that I'm up for round 2 with this place.

Ekta, 250 East Girard Ave, 215-426-2277

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Diana said...

If you find out if it is vegan I would love to know. I just tried tiffin for the first time last week and I liked it. I'll have to try Ekta next