Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Veg Out: Jose's Tacos

Part of me was ready and willing for a Nacho Cheese Burrito at Jose’s to be filled with artificial orange mud from a can, the type of cheese sauce that typically accompanies nachos. The rest of me was relieved to discover that this arrangement came with regular cheddar on the inside, topped with a white “nacho” glaze that I watched them melt in a pot on the stove in front of me. There’s nothing like a homemade heart attack.

Considering my saintly breakfast of a Lara Bar (three ingredients: peanuts, dates, salt), I was ready to gnaw on a Septa token for some minerals. Token calories. I was ready to fuck with some shit. I wanted Mexican inside of me.

Jose’s is in Nowhere, Philadelphia, but every burrito aficionado knows about it. It may be the only place I can think of for veg tamales. It’s tiny, but it’s clean. Their vegetable burrito is pumped with guac and sour cream already, so you don’t have to super it. For $2 extra, I made it Nacho. $8.50 -white-magic.

The burrito is so rotund, like a snow-capped boulder in the middle of Lake Nacho. Made purely for cheese freaks, the thick, velvety sauce can be a little overwhelming. I’d call it a lot delicious. I’d call it a lot. But I probably won’t. Jose’s doesn’t deliver to my hood. The Nacho Burrito? Absolutely delivers.

Jose’s Tacos, 469 N 10th St

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