Thursday, July 17, 2008

Veg Out: Sketch Burger

I wanted to doodle a drawing of my experience at Sketch for you. Something like this...

But even that would be arcing beyond my skill set.

The joint is open for dinner from 5-11pm, but how I wish it kept lunch hours as well. The brightly-hued walls are set with chalkboards and a long row of counter seating. Three wooden booths are equipped with giant rolls of paper and chalk. If you aren't prepared to lighten up and play along, just wait until your shake (milk or soy) shows up. After a few sips, you'll get it. Sketch is inviting. It's not some clinical, ultra-mod BYOB with one painting on the wall.

The raspberry soy shake set me up right (real raspberries instead of syrup, way to slip a fruit serving to Fishtowners) and even I felt compelled to scribble something. My vegan burger with homemade harissa aioli showed up ten minutes later - a jumbo patty piled with soy cheddar, fresh greens, and a thick cut of tomato on a hefty bun. It was generous enough to feed two, which is why they give you the option of ordering it bunless. I plowed through napkins eating this. It was a good thing that I hadn't eaten lunch. The veggie burger is hearty and flavorful, especially with the tangy aioli, but then Phyllis brought me a sample of her seitan.

I hadn't realized that there was a seitan burger on the menu, or I would have swung that way. While I found that my veggie burg was very life-affirming, each bite a further conviction, I favored the juicy hunk of seitan. It had such a meaty consistency and was done perfectly. I spent around $12 and change, but portions are huge enough that I won't be hungry for another three days. At which point I'll go back for more seitan.

Sketch, 413 E. Girard Ave.

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