Monday, July 7, 2008

Who Taught You To Live Like That?

This was our first adults-only 4th of July. The teenaged brothers were off in Virginia visiting my older sister, so it hit us: family BBQs sans tiny savages are devoid of pure joy. We could have seized the opportunity and had a liquored-out bash with fancy food that children hate and rum-soaked grilled poundcake. Instead we sat around unamused. I absorbed the usual accusations that I hate babies and puppies. My mom put Lipton Onion Soup Mix in everything. The lone exception was my grilled portabella on focaccia with soy mozzarella (BYOBBQ).

I handed my grandpa a plate of cherry pie and couldn't let go until his hands stopped shaking. The mood was solemn.

Then I discovered something uplifting in the holiday marathon wasteland of cable television. MVP, a Canadian soap opera about hockey players, the women in their bone zone, and virgin preschool teachers that they fall in love with. I was immediately hooked. Factor in the Canadian quirk component, unknown actors with chiseled torsos brawling in the locker room, hockey politics, and women that fight more than the players. I ask for nothing further in a guilty pleasure. The first season is here, and there are rumors that SOAPnet has picked it up for Season 2. The New Yorker even gave it their blessing in review.

After that, some substance. Making beer bread (3 ingredients, vegan) is even simpler than fetching bread at the market. Beer is liquid bread. Consult the vegan booze list and get to it.

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Hi, thanks for the link to the booze list! FYI, this week we moved it to its very own website at - just like the old list, but with more stuff (plus search!)

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