Friday, August 22, 2008

The Best Donuts on Broad St. Are Vegan

Who needs a plate when you've got a jar of soy milk to balance on?

Thursday evening holds profound meaning for vegans that miss donuts.

I rarely eat regular donuts. I'm really picky about them and my body is trained to never crave a mass-produced dessert. Unless it's a Tastykake pie, it has to be some artisan shit. I lived down the street from the venerable Stock's Bakery during my shaky teenage years and that's what the air does to you.

As I often holler on about, donuts from Vegan Treats arrive at Govinda's in a small quantity that sells out by Friday. I had yet to try the chocolate frosted, but it's crumb for crumb the Tastykake chocolate-dipped donut. The only person who might detect a difference is my grandpa, because he eats them every day.

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