Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cheese/Wine/Beer: I'm Like Tria On Legs

  • There are the blasé cheese courses in town (see previous post) and then there are some truly amazing ones (Swallow, Tria). However, when an impromptu picnic heads your way, it's best to hastily and lovingly assemble your own. I like Grocery for small sample sizes of different cheeses and blocks of apricot fig cake. Add baguette slices or crackers, some nuts, fruit, or honeycomb. For a savory plate, go with a sliver of vegetable terrine from the Reading Terminal Market and olives. Chowhound breaks it down in their guide, and GourmetSleuth has a cheese & wine pairing list.

I laid this out according to stench, roughed up a baguette, and left the veggie terrine behind for another time. Our cheese plate/wine/truffles destination? Concerts in the Park at Rittenhouse for the Capitol Years. Pistachio truffles from Coffee Bar at the Warwick? Heavenly. Free Skinny Water near the stage? Not bad.
  • Let us not forget about champagne. Truth is, most of my readers are not veggie, they only check this periodically to see if I am sipping champers at Loie on Sundays. You can trust that I am, now that Andy Pry is on deck there from 6-10pm and Sean Agnew on bar with bottles of 'pagne at $20. There are 3 veg specials added to the menu for us types: a tofu scramble with seitan chicken, seitan chicken or beef soy cheesesteaks, and a veggie burger that isn't vegan.
  • Top 5 Free Bar Snacks: Funds are low. How to cope when the decision is beer or dinner? We've all been there. Falafel-flavored chips counts as a meal.


cmoore said...

Aww. Tria. Did you go to the Rittenhouse location or the Gayborhood locale?

kdubz said...

I wrote this post in a really nonsensical way. I guess it sounds like I went to Tria. I actually made my own cheese plate and went to Rittenhouse Square, hope that clears it up.

For the record, the Gayborhood Tria really lights my fire.