Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Vegetarian Restaurant Drops Out of the Sky

...and takes over Pita Pocket Falafel & Grille at 16th & Chancellor, which shuttered recently due to the outlawing of falafel or some other unfortunate malady that makes restaurants go away.

We need one. Pita Pocket is the sacrifice we have to make to pave our burgeoning culinary veg-scene. The casual take-outs and pub fare are now plentiful; what we really need is a high-caliber contender. Horizons has proven successful, saluted by consumers of all practices, and I have this thing: I like to get dressed up when I go to dinner.

I suspect that, even at the fancier dining side of Govinda's, you can get away with the cut-offs I told you not to wear in public. Plus, their food, though delicious, is like guzzling a glass of pleasantly-presented oil.

If you prepare me an entree of tempeh that is worth 20-plus bills, in a clean, thoughtful setting, and pay some cute-ish kids to be nice to me and not frisbee my food onto the not-dirty tablecloth, I will gladly pay for it. Many times. There are vegans who dine finely all over NYC and the West Coast. More of that here, please.

My bet is that this place is some mid-range Chinese restaurant with mock shrimp and no personality. I would like to be wrong. If it's a vegan French brasserie, my faux leather t-strap heels are already on.

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