Sunday, August 24, 2008

Philly's First Fro-Yo Foray

When Capogiro wasn't looking, this self-serve yogurt bar called Phileo showed up on South St. near the old Phila Deli. Long lagging behind in the fro-yo craze, will Philadelphia be the last to embrace fat-free swirls on a block that has already imploded on itself? Phileo could have Rittenhouse Square in its pocket, what with the calorie-obsessed Pinkberry-wishers that trample those grounds. But no, South Street it is for this dessert lab.

The 49 cents-an-ounce soft serve is churned out in flavors that you can mix and match--cookies & cream, green tea, cheesecake, banana, butter brickle, and more. Mind blown, you then sprinkle on as many toppings as you can visually stomach--Cap'n Crunch, gummy bears, mochi, sprinkles, or healthier picks like kiwi, banana, and nuts. There are dessert sauces, too.

I chose strawberry tart and cheesecake yogurt, graham crackers, cheesecake bits, kiwi, and banana. The scale rang it up as $5.31, but my cup was pretty full. If anyone wants to contribute to my frozen yogurt fund, please email. I'm interested in seeing how pricy I can jack up a sundae.

Phileo, South St. between 5th & 6th


b said...

but do they have plain?

Sara said...

do they have a phone # or hours posted somewhere?

kdubz said...

They do have plain. I know they are open until 10pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends.

Emily said...

ahhh thanks for this post! I'm so incredibly excited to visit this once I'm back in Philly... It's about time for fro-yo to get to Philly!