Thursday, August 14, 2008

Veg In: Mazza

The Greek Combo Platter rarely does me wrong. It's my go-to lunch, akin to what a tuna salad sandwich eaten alone at your desk is for most people. Fucking White People Food. What I'm saying is, Mediterranean food is my White People Food. I tear through sacks of pita like it's white bread.

I despise lunch. I'm not kidding that much.

Both Sanna's and Hamifgash deal in the quick and the cheap. Their hummus doesn't taste like a container. Portions are generous, fresh, and varied. It's perfect grazing food. That oughta be enough, but here I go trying new places again.

Yesterday's take-out menu party in my mail basket had a new face. Mazza, a "healthy" delivery and take-out in South Philly. Chickpea salads, falafel, veggie pita pizza, sweet potato fries, and...pasta specialties? That and the Kids Korner section on the menu almost changed my mind.

Nearly an hour later (they, um, labored over presentation), the Combo Veggie Platter made it to my "desk" and proved that falafel, hummus, baba g, tabbouleh, grape leaves, mixed bean salad, tzatziki , and pita can still be a vivifying feast.

They went a little overboard with the olive oil. Healthy stuff, brah, but not half a bottle of it, savvy? The ghanoush was incredible and was the first to go, I swiped through and told the others I would come back for them. Falafel was crisp and perfectly-sized, hummus leaned on the lemony side, and the three-bean salad balanced things out with fiber and protein. Exactly what I wanted. I was too pathetic to finish it. Let shit hang.

This lunch thing. Can we just eliminate it?

Mazza, 1100 Jackson St., 21-952-2600

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b said...

love me some Saad's Veggie Combo Platter. If only i could get it with Alyan's hummus (sigh)