Monday, August 4, 2008

Veg Out: Sketch Burglar

We visited Sketch for a second time and bypassed the burger selection completely for the two specials advertised on the wall. One was the seitan sandwich that I sampled last time, only in its intended conception. Brambles of red onions and seitan were piled on a roll, set off by garlicky aioli and only kitchen-knows-what. Listen up, other guys: this is how seitan must be made.

Again, we missed out on Cheese Doodles, which come with all sandwiches except those that are vegan. I forgot to mention that we were a bunch of non-vegans merely eschewing cheese. The burgers here can be topped in numerous ways, but the sauces they dangle with inject more than enough flavor. We were stuck with tortilla chips. No Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks.
Some of us feel a certain way about Tings.

Also on order was the mushroom & green chile sauce sandwich, and that was decided upon nearly instantly. Green chiles are called on around here with great reverence. This was a hit. A sturdier bun would have helped deliver, but a bread magistrate does not belong in a burger sanctuary.

Service is cheery, casual, and not grating. Chalk is plentiful. The milkshake buzz is only a delicious alarm.

Sketch, 413 E. Girard Ave.

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