Sunday, August 24, 2008

Veg Out: Tavern 17

Omg. Sliders. Two-bite sliders that we can vegfully partake in.

Enough said. I don't care if tourists are dining here with their children who keep unabashedly staring at us because they have an 8-year old righteousness. There are two types of vegetarian sliders on this docket, and the Radisson-Warwick's garage parking is only $8 with your Tavern 17 receipt.

I went over my max bites for these. It took me at least 20 to demolish them, and I had to leave some bun behind. I chose a trio of the $3 sliders--two crimini mushroom and eggplant with provolone & mayo, and a cold grilled vegetable slider with pesto aoili. Both were superb, but I immediately bonded with the eggplant, breaded for a slight crispness and glued to the sparkling brioche with a zesty mayonnaise. That condiment was a strong explanation for the swell execution of this minute genius.

My compadre feasted on the grilled portabella burger (every omnivore I know always orders this when they're out with me, it's uncanny). It sat on focaccia that he found too spongy. However, marination was beautiful on this garlicky piece. We each had a shitake and avocado spring roll that was low on the avo, but otherwise enjoyable. I felt like an escort as I clicked through the hotel lobby to the ladies' in my heeled ankle boots.

Tavern 17 has that lonely hotel bar feel and the drink menu is cosmo/martini-heavy. You've got to hit it at the right time, though. Their weekday happy hour is almost cool, with live jazz and mini cocktails. There's not much on the menu to distinguish this place except for those sliders, but I'd easily come back for them.

Tavern 17, 220 S 17th St.

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