Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adventures in Children's Snacking: Bananamon

As a food blogger, I receive a curious amount of free samples in the mail. Just the other morning, UPS delivered a long rectangular package of Funky Monkey snacks. Here I was, hoping for something excitable, face falling instead to the sight of four bags of freeze-dried fruit with names like Purple Funk and Bananamon.

If you can't get a four-year old to eat a banana, then you won't get him to try crunchy banana chips. Real bananas seem like enough of an incentive. They're bright, appealing, and super-sweet. A bag of the cinnamon-dusted chips does contain three servings of fruit, but it just made me want a real banana with some nutella.

If a natural disaster hits any time soon, I know what I'm eating.

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