Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Burrito Diaries: El Jarocho

Burritos in Philly don't come with sides. Nor the complimentary chips that bordered nearly every Mission burrito I had out west. Not for take-out. Chips. Who needs 'em?

The vegetarian burrito at Jarocho shares a clamshell with salad. It's not wrapped in foil because of this, so you have to eat it like a bastard. The pile of shredded iceberg and tomato bits would be pointless, except it's wreckaged with Oaxaca cheese and tangy sour cream, and that, my friend, is the new "chips".

Is this a burrito or a football? It's bigger than my head. It's also goes by the rice-loaded style of vegetarian burrito crafting. This doesn't excite me, as rice is almost as useless as chips to me. More troubling is that the sour cream remains on the outside, and there is no cheese in it! I need a tutor to explain this. Walk me through it.

As I see it: rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, corn. This is the cheapest burrito ever made. It's even good, too, when you hit it with the salsa, and if you can deal with it being a food rock to get you through hard times.

El Jarocho, 1138 S 13th St.

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b said...

not a place i'd recommend to vegetarians. i went with a veggie friend and she made a stink face the whole time. sorry you missed out on the chips. i ate the whole basket the last time i was there. to be completely honest i think i just like the complimentary chiclets you get with the check