Monday, September 8, 2008

Caked Out

How much vegan cake did I consume this weekend?

Start off with the mistake of a vegan cupcake I had at Gianna's. It was something a vegan raver Barbie would eat, with neon pink frosting. I suspect it was gingerbread or spice, but I can't post for sure, as it had no flavor.

The truth is, I just don't like cupcakes. Especially vegan ones.

I can think of one cupcake that I deserves revisiting, and it was from Fishtown's Canvas, a long time ago. A weekend coffee sojourn there with my brother had us both approving of the vegan lemon almond cake. He's fifteen and drinks his coffee black, for which I take full credit. If he's the most stylish gent at Liberty High this year, that's also my work.

At Sunday's Sweet Green Vegan Pastry Contest I was able to try everything but winner Karen Scholl's Peaches and Cream Coffee Cake, so I can't rave about that. I picked at the Chocolate Chai Cupcake, as it had given in to the heat and was all melty. Some Jelly Donut Muffin made it into my system and holds strong as my favorite.

The Strawberry Green Tea Cake was moist and pretty, and I was brought on stage as a crowd tester for the Plum Pudding. I think it was the most creative entry--the renegade--and I liked the down-homeyness of it. It's like someone's Aunt Sally made it to serve guests at tea, and then they're all "But I'm vegan." So Auntie S. spins on her heel, her spectacles inch down her nose, and she looks them square in the eyes. "Yes, dears, I know." I'm into that.

Not only do I understand about cake, I have a full range of services that include dressing you, devising personalized nutrition and fitness plans where you get to watch me eat and then chase me afterwards, so that your body ends up in smokin' non-smoking condition, and criticizing your blog, which has its obvious fine points. Make an appointment now. I cannot live on vegan cake alone.

For more shots, check out my uwishunu recap.
And Judgeman Lazor has photos here, with recipes to come later this week.


karenttrouble said...

Karen Scholl here- let me know if you're dying for some of that coffee cake, or as I call it when I'm not in front of judges "cheesepiecake"

kdubz said...

you're teasing!

no more cake for me. it did look fantastic.