Friday, September 26, 2008

A French Toast to National Pancake Day

You've caught me unprepared for National Pancake Day. The truth is, I've been sluttin' around with toast.

Bread pudding french toast from Shopsin's in NYC is still the most memorable dish I've ever consumed, and watching Kenny make it is almost better. The folks over at Menupages Philadelphia happen to be fans, too, and recently posted the clip of Sir Shopsin on Conan.

Now that his new book Eat Me is out in the wild, I'm burying my nose in it and only coming out when you remind me that there's a ginger-colored mini in my closet asking for a debut in society.

I'm not Kenny, but my pumpkin challah french toast turned out so well that it's been breakfast for three days in a row. I used this recipe with soy milk, nutmeg, and omitted the orange juice.

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