Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In the Kitchen w/ Kelly: Apple Charlotte

It was like the ghosts of Julia Child and Jacques Pepin (you mean to tell me he's still alive) were drifting around when I whipped up his Apple Charlotte. Using Honeycrisps from Headhouse, I followed the recipe from this month's Food & Wine. To make it vegan, simply sub agave syrup for the honey and bust out your Earth Balance.

#1 sign of a vegan kitchen: Big tubs of EB are used as containers around the room and the economy-size bucket of it is the focal point of the inner fridge.

Watch them break it down here: Lessons with Master Chefs

Without question, it looks darling before you cut into it, and becomes a clump of caramelized apples with a sugary crust when you dish it out like so.

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