Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Market Madness

  • The Liacouras Walk Farmer's Market shot off today with professors snatching the best tomatoes while students milled around wondering what was going on, if the whoopie pies were free, and if Diamond Dollars were being accepted. All in all, a nice addition. See you next Tues.?
  • Jovan's Place? Yeah, that's right, I do it. If you're sensitive, you may not want to. The goulash is like an entire animal on a plate. The generous platter of bruschetta, enticing mounds of spinach mashed potatoes, and from-love veggies is a consoling offer. Or make it your Kenzinger rough-day crawlspace. The sheer warmth of this mom'n'pop make it a giant WELCOME HOME sign. Even if, at first, it only appears to read Jovan's Place.
  • Oh, look. They're on. A word of advice if you plan on dining at the second Adobe Cafe on Passyunk: the Tofu Dinner sounds horrendous, is doubly so, and if a kitchen lets a plate of iceberg with slabs of pre-packaged partially-cooked tofu out on a plate with no dressing, then how good can the rest of the veggie menu be? Alright, the sangria? Out of luck. It's the Chili's where you can get seitan tips. You should go at least once to gag at the interior.

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