Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Originator of the Veggie Hoagie

No, it's not this kid, but my dearest bro does make some mighty fine sandwiches and he's a part-time veggie. Teenagers with non-technological apple devices in 2008 are true leaders.

Understand something. The sign outside of Chickie's, accurate or not, leads one into a partnership based on trust. If a veggie hoagie is their claim to fame, their bread & oil, as it were, then you should ask no questions. Order on, wait two minutes in a cloud of hoagie perfume, and accept the hallowed torpedo as an unequal exchange. Because for a $6.25 small, you're getting the better end of the deal.

Innovation comes with baked eggplant. Laid in with garlicious broccoli rabe and plump roasted pep, this could easily be bitter, but it chooses to sing. The generous veggie serving is popped off with shreds of locatelli. What Chickie's manages to do is de-emphasize the roll, leaving the ingredients to carry the sandwich. You're never overwhelmed by too much bread here. It's a little oily, but you're in South Philly. Roll with it.

Keep the sign. And yes, yes I would wear a Chickie's Home of the "Veggie Hoagie" t-shirt.

Chickie's, 1014 Federal St.

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