Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things You Can't Buy At 7-Eleven

  • Ekta gets the vote from Brian Freedman, but he elects to eat in at Bhattari's Tables, where he finds the flavors worth mulling over. There's two of those tables, and every time I pick up my takeout, there are at least ten people squeezed into the eight seats, and a gang of naan believers biding their wait time outside. Too bad I just had Minar.
  • In this week's Small Bites, I guarantee that my invitation to Fork in my Hand's secret treehouse dinner has been revoked. Then I ease my way into pumpkin pie season with a cheese pie hybrid. If anyone else wants me at their secret dinner, I will bring some.
  • Liacouras Walk is getting a farmer's market. So says the Temple News, which I read once a year to keep up. The best quote?
    “It is important to provide college students with the groceries they can’t buy at 7-Eleven or CVS,” Tangtrakul said.
Straight truth.
  • If you pop over here for a second, my first magazine article appears in the fall issue of Next American City. It's a short about the urban heat island effect in Tucson that isn't online yet, but you can find a copy at Barnes & Noble or Borders. I know, not veg-related, but it's my first time and it's a magazine that allows you to respect yourself while reading. The issue wrap party is tonight at the Ugly American from 8-11pm.

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