Monday, September 15, 2008

Veg Out: Minar Palace

I've got no Indian in my cupboard

Minar Palace has finally worked itself out and whipped us into flocking there the minute the tandoor fired up. I actually held out as long as I could. Since I had bonafide errands to run nearby, I decided to address the saag paneer before the crowds showed up. My ribcage was a tad more prominent than usual. I've been trying to attract advertisers that way.

Early afternoon found a steady stream of takeaway orders, but the restaurant itself, in its handsome wood & cherry-walled outfit, was mostly vacant. I didn't have much cash on my person, but there was a $15 minimum charge on cards, so I killed time waiting for my saag paneer and plain paratha (safe, but my heart's been through a lot) by swooping through the Commerce ATM up the block. After that was settled, I skipped back to HQ to take care of things.

The above is only half the story. Minar uses an unreasonable amount of plastic containers to transport their flava. To my confusion, a handful of salad was wrapped in a ball of foil. A flimsy paper plate was included. The heft of the saag paneer could not be supported by such a thin layer. They serve on paper plates and plastic utensils in the dining room too, which seems counterproductive to their new digs. The large portion of rice was a redundant employee to the much tinier department of paneer, which yielded two normal servings. Eff that noise. No, really, I'm gonna ask for no rice next time. It's noise.

A meal should work together, and barring those schematics, the rounded spices of the paneer and the chewy paratha were both memorable and flattered each other. I wasn't blown away, but I was nice for the rest of the day. I still feel strong loyalty to Ekta, maker of the finest paneer I've handled, but Minar's got its foot in my door. Now all they need to do is ditch the paper plates.

Minar Palace, 1304 Walnut St.

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b said...

ekta wins the aloo gobi contest, but minar has better samosas.