Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Veg Out: Scoping Out Mix

Mix has what many pizzerias do not: a bar in the back that's open during lunch and a coffee counter off to the side of its pizza display. Don't dismiss the slices up front, they do warrant a grip if you happen upon 21st and Chestnut. This is a pizza bar that makes sense, though I cannot manage my crust with something other than beer, wine, or so be them, soft drinks. Thin, but not flimsy, with just enough of a crunch, the tomato pie was seasoned to please, one of its finer interpretations. Things are looking good with the menu, too, as I noted an "ALT" (avocado, lettuce, tomato), a thoughtful run of salad options, and Greek specialties.

Mix, 21st & Chestnut

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