Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Vegetarian Restaurant Drops Out of the Sky, On Time

October 10th is not only the day I'm collecting my pristine Mike Richards jersey in anticipation for Saturday's game.

There's another home opener to get amped for. A while back, I mentioned the unnamed "Vegetarian Restaurant" moving into the shuttered Pita Pocket Falafel & Grille at 16th & Chancellor. Mi Lah, a gourmet veg oasis, is right on schedule and all set for next Friday (Thursday is the soft open). Culinary Institute of American trained chef Tyler Black has done time at Govinda's and Horizons. Black's wanton undertakings will make you want to sleep around the whole garden before you settle on your lifemate plate.

Hours for now are 11-3pm for lunch and 5-10pm. They'll also turn forth fresh juice and an all vegan dessert menu. Scope the entirety:

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