Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend at Club Med

I thought I had walked in on Oasis night at Hummus.

I got through three wailers by the time I had ordered my hummus platter at the counter of West Philly's latest falafel emporium. That was when they switched it up with Jack Johnson and Coldplay. If ever there was a distinct need for the distraction of good food, it was then.

The cafeteria-style Mediterranean joint need not have apologized for their guilty pleasures. But they should have completed my platter properly. What was I to do with all that hummus? I'm fond of the stuff, but the menu stated that this came with rice or fries, two salads, hummus, and pita. Anyone working there who would serve me what amounts to a full container of hummus needs a quick intro to Middle Eastern cuisine.

Seeing as I didn't want rice or fries, and would have preferred some grape leaves or tabbouleh, anything less Fast Food America, I did not march back into the thick of the Brit pop. I had chosen the hummus topped with chickpeas, and while it wasn't I-need-2/3-plate-of-that-good, it was acceptable. The fried eggplant slices were delicate and hard to botch, the pita bread itself was exceptionally fluffy. I wouldn't come here again, when my falafel heart is in the hands of others. For those that live or work nearby, I can see it being a quick no-frills lunch.

The weekend wasn't over before a new cafe had opened on my block. Mazag has moved into the cornerspot that formerly held Infusion and will bring something different to the area as a Mediterranean cafe with salads, pastries, and coffee. Think Cafe Fulya in Queen Village. Owner Dahlia is just the lovely face you want to see in the morning and she's very accomodating. There are very few people who make better coffee than I do on 10th St., and she might be one of them.

Hummus, 3931 Walnut St.
Mazag, 10th & Carpenter

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