Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get Your Brunch On

Kenzinger and seitan are two of the most versatile ingredients a veg can keep on hand. This Sunday, Mi Lah will show us why. For too long, we have gone without the trashy Southern cooking that we deserve, but the $20 prix fixe vegan brunch at the veggie byo is bringing grits, lumberjack plates, and biscuits n' gravy back to our skinny hearts.


kmudrick said...

Unfortunately PBC uses gelatin in the kenzinger (and rowhouse red, and newbold ipa).

That Mi Lah brunch menu looks awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there a month or so ago, but felt really bad that I was the only one in there on a Saturday.

kdubz said...

You're right. I checked Barnivore and it seems that only the Walt Wit is vegan-friendly. However, from PBC themselves:

"We are fining our brews with gelatin (except for the Wit - which is totally unfiltered) although the gelatin is later removed in the lagering and filtration process. We are not using honey in any of our beers yet - and probably will avoid that for the main 4 beers. We will let everybody know if we do release one that uses honey."

kmudrick said...

Ya, I'm the one who submitted to Barnivore :)

I've talked to PBC's head brewer a couple of times. The one-offs (Fleur de Lehigh and the Wheat Wine) are good also.

They've said they're going to try to eliminate the use of gelatin eventually, but have not yet.

Yards on the other hand uses no finings at all.

kdubz said...

Good to know! Thanks.

SJ said...

Hey there, this is Tyler and SJ from Mi Lah and we just wanted to say that we heard y'all about the kenzinger and next week we'll be featuring a different local beer which will be truly 100% vegan. Hope to see some new faces this coming Sunday!

kmudrick said...

Tyler & SJ, thanks much. I have an out of town friend coming in to visit this weekend, so we'll definitely try to stop in Sunday. Thanks for the response :)