Monday, November 10, 2008

Now Open: Bella Vista Natural Foods

My quick drop into BV Natural Foods (Molly's Books turned into a veg mini mart) gave me immediate relief that it would be a sanctum for future foraging. The Italian Market retreat beckoned with a bushel of apples out front, and what set it apart from other produce vendors was that these apples appeared to have some crunch left in 'em.

BV makes the most of what little space there is inside by stocking the basics and favorites. You'll find one brand of yogurt, but it's the best: Pequea Valley. Tofu knishes, vegan sandwiches, and frozen products like Amy's Burritos are in a cold case towards the back. Pantry staples and healthy snacks line the shelves, bulk bins of granola and legumes hang off to the side. Vegan cookies and granola bars are near the front, and there are also a few books devoted to dietary lifestyle, in a true nod to the shop's former identity.

It's open until 7pm every day.

Bella Vista Natural Foods
1010 S. 9th St.

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downtownfb said...

Went by today (Sunday) at 6:30 and they were closed. Hours are to 7 everyday but Sunday is 6pm. Didn't notice what time they open.