Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Veg Out: Bombay Express

What's that all wrapped up street-food-style in some ugly chic foil? Allow me. The perfect cross between a taco and a kebab, the khati roll is a portable way to get your Indian on. These rolls are rare findings in our city, so ignore the fact that Bombay Express has a strip mall appearance and stroll in like you know something.

Sad rows of lassis are pre-made, sweating in the tacky lighting. Even more unsettling, smoothies and protein shakes show up for this beverage menu party. 'Ho America. The choices are simple and nearly everything is already cooked. Less than 10 specials of the day wait to be added to veg or non-veg combo platters. Naan or garlic naan, don't you dare conceive of any further options. Veg samosa or samosa chaat, rid yourself of grander ideas.

Here's where the menu gets even skinnier. For something different, there's a veggie burger, no regular burger. Ironic types, they're talking to you.

Assuming you're here for none of the above, we get back to the khati roll. Your choice of chicken tikka, paneer tikka, or aloo tikka tucked in rolls of paratha is slid before you for a wee $4.50-4.95. With just enough grease and spice to cause a vision of yourself in a Bombay McDonald's, I expect a thank you note bound in paratha by next Wednesday.

Bombay Express (free delivery within 5 blocks)
12th & Sansom

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