Monday, November 10, 2008

Veg Out: Kingdom of Vegetarians

I've been going to Kingdom of Veg for many years and return for 2 major reasons:

1) Vegan cheesecake from Lotus Cake Studio
2) Cheapo lunch box deals

And recently a third:

3) $10 All You Can Eat Dim Sum

I normally steer clear from this because it's just too much food, but you can take the extra home and turn it into next day's Dim Sum Casserole.

From K of Veg's dim sum, I discovered the steamed roast pork buns. A normal order of the appetizer includes 3 puffy buns. The dough tastes like Pillsbury and expands in your stomach as such, creating a super filling snack that will kill any appetite. Start the steamed pork bun diet today and in about a week you'll look a little better in the bedroom.

Kingdom of Vegetarians

129 N 11th St.

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