Monday, November 10, 2008

Veg Out: Lucky 13 Pub

The range of scenes to be found on Passyunk Ave. never fails to bewilder.

Every 8 steps of the foot there is a reason to stop and eat something or exchange how are ya's with an old roommate.

There's even an unlikely psychobilly bar where you can order a tempeh on rye called the Ace of Spades, samosas, and quinoa-black bean salad. Lucky 13 has been serving food for a few weeks now, though it's the bar that seems to be getting the most attention. We stopped over on a quiet night to find an empty dining section, but the front bar soon found its groove with Dogfish Head, Magic Hat, and those that drink it. Among the young and tattooed, there was a well-behaved older couple sipping vino and dining quietly. I sent them a high five of the eyes.

In the Ace of Spades, I found regard for the chef, who was sending out high gastro sandwichery. Most pubs won't even mess with tempeh, but Ben Johnson has a way with it, caramelized onions, sprouts, and all. Give this laidback watering hole a shot. You already spend enough time at the PoPE.

Lucky 13 Pub
1820 S. 13th St

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