Sunday, December 7, 2008

Veg Out: Carman's Country Kitchen

Everything you've heard about Carman's is true. Or at the very least, worth investigating.

Hold on tight to one of the four menu items that are adjusted every Saturday, according to whim. Only stop to sip the custom blend coffee, which would cause one to drain La Colombe. Breakfast potatoes must be ordered, easily the simplest choice and justly exacted. Other french toasters should pay attention: Carman's custardy french toast needs very little syrup and is not exhaustive or daunting. The menu reflects the restaurant, a diner that does not stop adding to itself, that changes face each week, but always with the same base.

More important are the hands that set this morning to mid-afternoon stage. Confidence comes from the kitchen. The crew at Carman's asks your name, but they're not up your ass. They run a good show with balls and just enough curves, from the packets of sugar in breast mugs (sugar tits) to the charges per plate of homestyle cooking ($12). If they were cheaper, there'd be no room in this kitchen for you.

Carman's Country Kitchen
11th & Wharton
Open Fri.-Mon., 8am-2pm


Dynah said...

I love the decor at Carman's, but as a vegan I had a pretty bad experience here. Out of our party of 5, 3 were vegan, and when it was determined that all we could get was potatoes, they almost refused to serve us since only 2 people in our party would be getting entrees. If they had even one vegan main dish option I'd be all about it, but their attitude has kept me away.

kdubz said...

I'd never take a vegan or picky eater there. I just can't see it as the type of place that would serve tofu scramble, since their menu is so minuscule and ever-changing.

I would have poked my head out of the kitchen and said

"Dears. I could charge y'all $12 for some shit that I've never made before. But I'm gonna do ya a favor and send you a few blocks away to Benna's for some Tofutti bagels. Adieu."