Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flax Club Dinner Party

Why not mix two of your favored cuisines because you can't decide on a dinner party theme? To vote either way would be far too cautious and uninspired.

Enchiladas are wonderful, but add eggplant and feta, some cheddar and monterey jack, and anything could happen. Hummus is easy for the lazy, but plop that delicious shit in a flax tortilla with some more eggplant, feta, black beans, and freshly made salsa, and you're solid. Guac topped with....feta. Flax chips. A simple side salad to balance it all out. Make Ouzo and tequila work together in a cocktail. It's a Medi-Mexi-Flaxxy feast.

Eggplant enchiladas. We followed this recipe, including the fun-to-make enchilada sauce

Foolish Pie

For dessert, our original plan was to whip up a spicy Mexican chocolate sauce and coat a ramekin with it, topped with fig & goat's milk ice cream. But our sights were diverted by another pie experiment: a fat-free meringue crust (not vegan) with a chocolate tofu filling. This is easily vegan with a different crust. It doesn't taste like tofu at all. One guest likened it to chocolate pudding, while another gave it the ultimate compliment of "I'd stick my balls in that." Here is what our party of five decided.

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