Monday, January 5, 2009

In the Kitchen w/ Kelly: Liar's Pie

This pie is so exquisite that I could never share the recipe with you. The man who created it will die with the precise calibrations coating his brain.

I will, however, gladly trade you the pie for whatever goods, services, and expert advise that you offer.

Hear now of the particulars:

This beastly offering contains no beast, but instead packs a wallop with Ray's seitan and a perfectly greasy bbq potato chip crust. It calms a large quantity of the unfed with its multi-layered slices, its shepherd pie-like appeal, and its meal-in-one convenience. It pairs quite nicely with Miller High Life. Slice 2 is often better than Slice 1, and there is no such thing as Slice 3. It is best to space these second slicings with pretending to watch an Eagles game.

Should you wait in extreme patience, this pie will one day appear on the menu of a real place.

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