Friday, January 9, 2009

Lunch is Coming and We Can't Stop It

The midday meal is monotonous when you find yourself opting for the nearest trusted retreats. Instead of calling a soy latte a meal (although it's an excellent protein-rich snack), look over here for a second.
  • If you're up North, truck it to Paesano's, the sandwich shop from Modo Mio, for the chickpea pancake sammie. Oh, I said sammie. It burns calories to say words that you loathe. $4 and you can touch it. Paesanos, 152 W. Girard Ave.
  • Word on La Citadelle is hush, but the coffeehouse at 16th and Pine is lowkey, liquid is extra strong, and the tomato, basil, and mozz with artichoke, as pedestrian as it sounds, is a panini I go back for. It's considerably less American than those other TBMs you're snackin' on. You've got a five, a wrinkly one, some change, right?
  • I also hear that Starboard Side Tavern, the Fishtown neighborbar that we used to get pizza from in our Payless canvas shoes (I had every color, thanks Dad) has a fresh menu that boasts black bean veggie sliders and a veg wrap. As long as there's still pizza. Open for lunch Thu.-Sun., 2500 E Norris St.
  • If you're in deep CC, take notice of the Argan Moroccan press going around and consider it. There are veggies all over that place, like we talked about.

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