Thursday, January 8, 2009

Veg Out: Local 44

I feel something tender towards the Memphis Taproom, but time and proximity, and the glut of bars between us keeps me away.

I think the same thing will happen for me and Local 44, the Memphis Tap team's Other Bar. The 42 bus ride that connects us is a few miles too much. I will gladly consider the new West Philly drinkery for a post-Distrito moment, perhaps an Abyssinia breath mint. When I end up at the Bridge cinema and find the overpriced diet Coke unsatisfactory, I'll pop my head in to the 44 and get wise. If I was a local, I'd be pretty happy with what I found the other night at 44th and Spruce.

There are better eats to be found this side of town, but the food here is blatantly secondary to the brews. It isn't meant to be groundbreaking, and all I wanted to do was run my mouth with two of my best boys and check the Flyers score on the telly behind the bar every few minutes anyway. I wasn't there for a dining experience.

I only settled on a veggie burger because my other two-thirds were taking care of the vegetarian frito pie and the oyster mushroom po'boy, the selections that sang out to me. The double-stacked burger was nothing to rave about, which makes it a suitable beer & game session choice. I recommend the po'boy if you want something you've never had before. It's a handy invention of fried shrooms and vegan sauce on a beast of a roll. Both sandwiches were quite filling, generous portions. The frito pie, spooned into a coffee cup, was a kicking vegan chili that I'd prefer if it came in a wider mug or a mini crock to make it appear more casserole-like. One would mistake it for a cup of chili until they dug into bottom chip territory. In the Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre and its 8% ABV however, I found no faults, only desires to stay west for a bit longer.

Local 44, 44th & Spruce

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