Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cheating on the Kitchen: La Bella

Allentown-based Fresh Tofu have saved me from myself on several occasions.

I'd like to find more of their virtuous products (tofu knishes, no-egg salad, pre-packaged vegan sandwiches) nearby, because Essene, where I used to stock up, is too far now.

I did come across their La Bella Burger at the DiBruno Bros. on Chestnut St. Then I made a further discovery: It was over $6, as purchases from the cheese mongrels tend to amount to. Unfortunate, but this is a veggie burger you don't say no to. Beyond the obvious satisfaction, it packs seven grams of fiber and 35% iron, that latter mineral a crucial one for our sort.

Bella is one hot bitch, but she'll cost you. Get with her anyway.

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