Monday, February 9, 2009

Flax Club Tour of Boredom - Many Hour Milk Loaf

Flax bread & pineapple jam

Attempting milk loaf without a bread machine is an activity for the cocksure who happen to have a night in - hours reserved for painstaking kneading cycles and precious rising moments. Which is why you let your boyfriend tackle the dirty work of prepping the bread and the post-midnight shift of waiting for it to bake. All I did was knead the three loaves (2 white, 1 whole wheat). Our recipe is similar to this, but we added two handfuls of golden flaxseed to the wheat loaf. You can also use active yeast packets, as fresh yeast exists beyond our reach. If anyone knows where to find it, drop the nug.

Simple Milk Loaf

The result is a thick, bulbous sandwich-style bread with wonderful structure. It will make attractive toast and stunning grilled cheese.

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_diana said...

maybe try the spice corner on 9th st?