Monday, February 2, 2009

Tofu Appreciation

In the 37 minutes or so that Rich Landau of Horizons fired up the demo kitchen at Foster's on Saturday, Jan. 24, I had a few aha moments. I should be well aware of these things, but I'm the kind of chef who dances around the kitchen eyeballing things and tossing in bits and scraps of whatever foodstuffs linger in my reserves. I'll pull up a recipe, but I'll bastardize it to my content for the sake of spontaneous innovation. I need to smarten up.

1. I'm searing tofu all wrong.

2. My 13-ingredient BBQ sauce could lose a few things.

3. We should be letting Ray's Seitan sit and drop some broth weight for 10 minutes before cooking it. Tossing it straight into the pan with gluten guts on it is no good.

4. Fresh Tofu is the only tofu for me and I should forget about any other tofu.

5. There are two temperatures for cooking: HIGH and OFF.

Our post-demo supper was a shining example of all that we had learned. Peppercorn-encrusted tofu, chive mashed potatoes, and sesame kale.


kmudrick said...

So.. Should we rinse the Rays that comes in those tubs and then let it drain for a while or what? Cause lately it seems that gluten goo has been really thick in the Ray's containers

kdubz said...

Yes, we've been rinsing it first.