Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Midday at Tiffany's

When I saw a sign advertising Tiffin meals to go on the window of Temple's Barnes & Noble, I found reason to inspect.

If anything, it would shut me up on Tuesdays. My flexible 2-days-a-week schedule before I graduate involves a particularly long lease of Terrible Tuesdays, in which I am bound to both Main and TUCC campuses from 10 AM to 8:30 PM. TUCC is a 10-minute walk from the new apartment, but I miss a lot of first period Flyers hockey.


It started to snow early Tuesday, and I'm not talking about the flakes of Splenda that drifted into my coffee that had been grown on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador. You thought I was a Sugar in the Raw girl, right? Lo and behold, Tiffin meals packed in plastic at the B&N Cafe, which is basically a Starbucks. Pickings are slim, with a choice between palak paneer (my true love) and a vegetable tandoori wrap over salad, or whatever you can find if you move around enough trays of chicken biryani. Paneer it was.

You bet the biggest ass in all of North Philly that this was good. Even the nacho-colored lake of vegetables topped any mutant offering from a lunch cart. At seven bucks and change, I was a satisfied customer with a pungent meal and a trashy magazine ($3) surrounded by latte whores (priceless).

B&N @ Temple (Broad & Cecil)

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