Monday, February 2, 2009

Veg Out: Mugshots

Half a Sister and sips of smoothie later...

My seasoning in South Philly is over. I now dwell in the Alps of the Art Museum, overlooking Center City proper, bordered by the gates of Trader Joes and Whole Foods, and the inclination to abstain from both. This new address has rendered me completely self-reliant on my own coffee devices, unless I wish to suffer the butchered cappuccinos on pump at Darling's. There is, however, the option of a quick jaunt to Mugshots, on that day when I cannot bear to grind my own Finca Mauritania from Counter Culture.

You lean over and you catch my cheek with your hand for that last paragraph.

Now, at Mugshots, there are two encores that I like to demand. One is the Reuben's Sister, a tempeh bacon-ized, Goddess-dressed, kraut-laden sandwich that, while not towering or monstrous, is sizeable and stirring. The other great hit is the peanut butter and jelly smoothie, a simplistic spin of peanut butter, vanilla soy milk, and strawberries. I would make it for you right now, but then we couldn't zone out in the new West Wing addition at the always-jammed shop.

The crowd is one of the few setbacks at Mugshots, even with the additional seating. There's also a significant wait time whenever I'm there, and I almost always end up spending $10 when I all I meant to grab was a coffee and a Vegan Treats Cowboy cookie.

Then again, try finding that oatmeal, chocolate, walnut, and coconut cartel anywhere else. It's a non-cookie-lover's Achilles Heel.

Mugshots, 21st & Fairmount


b said...

every time i walk by darling's i wonder (sometimes out loud) if its any good. "butchered cappuccinos" sounds bad. have you tried anything else on the menu?


have you been to aya's cafe? i went once, thought it was ok, but never went back.

kdubz said...

The cheesecake is best when it's sliced fresh from the cake, rather than the leftover pieces that they store in plastic clamshells.

Every coffee-based drink I've had there has been terrible, and I've given it plenty of chances. They serve La Colombe, so it should at least be drinkable.

I've had takeout from Aya's and it wasn't too memorable.

RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

oh I LOVVVEEEE mugshots! It's my favorite place for sure!!!