Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Veg Out: Pub Webb

Wandering just enough off the beaten path puts you at a college bar without any students in it--at least at noon, shortly after they open.

Ask for the veggie cheesesteak wrap and it might be the first one they've ever made, comes a warning from a bartender, who looks like a student herself. Pub Webb has only rolled out their menu days before, and given that the saloon contains plenty of bar stools and just two lonely tables in the back, there's been more drinking than dining in this establishment. Ain't nothin' to fire against that.

Why, that wrap, a sheath of spinach tortilla protecting Ray's Seitan, the Rolls Royce of vegetarian proteins, was put back easily. It was properly cooked (most seitan is either under or overdone) and was not smothered in cheese, opting instead to dance with subtle slices of it. A generous amount of spinach was stuffed into the wrap as well, proving that a cheesesteak could indeed be a carrier of sufficient greens (at least one veggie serving). I wasn't even trying to have a sensible lunch. Not at a pub, but it happened that way. I'm not sorry.

The $7 filler took me through my night class and didn't let go until about 9:30 pm when I had time to eat one fig. Seitan is my marathon meal.

For those of you around Temple (don't get ugly, Penn & Drex, I report lunch in you next week), the Pub Webb menu includes Old Bay crab fries (veg), apple salad, and beer battered onion rings.

Pub Webb, 1527 Cecil B Moore,

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