Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Mac News

Yes, they still make Luna bars and brothers Clif...with new flavors dropping from the sky each day. I got my hands on a Luna White Chocolate Macadamia bar as a pre-workout snack. There haven't been many bars in my life lately. I think of them as little vessels of nutritional desperation. I prefer the fruit-packed ones (Lara, Clif Nectar) as they fall under my philosophy of simple food with low ingredients. I've been known to make my own grain, nut, and seed packed convenience bars, but give me a piece of good chocolate (not white, though) and a handful of macadamia nuts instead. I'd be okay there. You might even say I enjoy the bits and pieces. Just not those bits and pieces.

Clif, too, has joined the macadamia mayhem by putting out their own White Chocolate Macadamia bar. Since both brands fall from the same company, I'm guessing there's a serious mac crush going around. So which chock fulla did I prefer?

Clif, easily. He's always been the heartier of the two, the less candy-like. Luna's packaging is all shiny and yoga-chick-friendly, while Clif is built for vegan messengers that we live to hate. It's just that Clif sticks with me longer. Especially in this mac-off.

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