Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cloudy Pies

It took me two tries to nail a butterscotch meringue pie (who knew that butterscotch was such a delicate thing?) but it taught me a few things:

1) My butter crust is no fail and holds up, even to the most disastrous fillings. Experimentation has shown that it's best with unsalted butter rather than my old standby, Earth Balance.

2) Meringue is like lingerie on an already stunning woman.

3) Vegan pie is nowhere near as exciting because of these two tokens, but when someone shares the secret to vegan meringue and I unleash it with my nut-based or Trader Joe-Joe vegan cookie crusts, it'll be a fine hour.

4) Butterscotch is a real mystery, but the basis is actually brown sugar and butter, as much as we want to toss in Scotch.

5) Failure is imminent. You should always have extra eggs or egg replacer.

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