Friday, March 6, 2009

Help, There's a Vegetarian at the Dinner Party...

My manfriend's hand is available for puns

Another dinner party, another triumphant experiment with seitan. This time, we added our voted-Most-Popular-Protein to the meat grinder attachment on the Kitchen-Aid mixer. The idea: make regular sliders for the meatheads, and seitan for

The challenge lies mostly in securing miniature buns (Whole Foods: fail). Trader Joes usually has a few types, and we chose the stoneground wheat for our platter of Jr. burgers. White Castle can eat it.

Mix the seitan with some bread crumbs after grinding it and shape some tiny patties, and you're good to go. We added some goat cheese rounds that ended up being the perfect size, along with cheddar, micro greens, onion, tomato, and a schmear of Vegenaise. While Mt. Man attended to grilling, I baked some sweet potato fries hit with a simple dress of oil and salt.

Once again, the seitan stole the show.

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